The brewing of Wadadli is an art. Only the finest quality raw materials are used. Water is provided by the brewery's own collection system and desalination plant, so the entire facility is totally self-sufficient in this precious resource. First, malted barley is ground and fresh water is added to make "mash". The mash is used to prepare "wort," a mixture that is combined with hops and boiled in traditional coppers in the brewhouse. This gives the beer its full, bitter-sweet taste. The brew is then cooled and transferred to fermentation tanks. At this stage yeast is added and the brew is allowed to ferment for one week. After the yeast has been separated the young beer is transferred to cold storage tanks at constantly controlled temperatures and allowed to mature. The final stage involves passing the beer through extensive filtration after which it is bottled or kegged. The entire process takes four weeks.

Antigua Brewery places a very high emphasis on strict quality control during the brewing process. This is in order to ensure that each product reaches the customer in perfect condition, fresh in taste and distinctive in flavour.

Antigua Brewery intends to be an active and ongoing partner with the people of Antigua and Barbuda in maintaining and caring for the Islands environment. An aggressive recycling campaign for bottles used by the brewery will assist in keeping Antigua and Barbuda beautiful for locals and visitors alike.